OSCI Course


The OSCI course is the leading OSINT, Skip Tracing and Cyber Investigations course that has been adopted by multiple associations around the world. This is the only course that focuses on the core skills and techniques used to actual do the job.



OSCI stands for OSINT, Skip Tracing & Cyber Investigations. This course teaches you the unique skills used in the industry that you can actively use to solve cases.

Most courses don’t teach the core skill set, they focus on teaching you how to use products and databases, or explaining what the terminology is, without actually teaching the raw skills behind it.

From learning URL manipulation, real image analysis, GEO intelligence through to the human factor. We teach the actual skills you can use on cases. At the end of the course, if you are looking to setup a business, we go over the business side of things. From who your potential clients are, through to report templates, rates to charge and getting your name out there.


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