OSCI – OSINT – Skip Tracing & Cyber Investigations Course

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OSCI: OSINT, Skip Tracing & Cyber Investigations Foundations

Course Instructor: Brad Lyons
Course Type: Foundations Course
Ways to Learn: Online + Live one-on-one Webinar

The OSCI course gives you the skills and techniques required to excel in this industry. From Skip Tracing, Cyber Investigations, Criminal investigation, this course covers all the skills and techniques.

Most courses don’t teach the core skill set, they focus on teaching you how to use products and databases, or explaining what the terminology is, without actually teaching the raw skills behind it.

From learning URL manipulation, real image analysis, GEO intelligence through to the human factor. We teach the actual skills you can use on cases. At the end of the course, if you are looking to setup a business, we go over the business side of things. From who your potential clients are, through to report templates, rates to charge and getting your name out there.

Learning Outcomes

This course has been designed for investigators already working in the industry and people looking to get started in the industry.

Students are taught the raw skills and techniques used in the industry that can be directly applied to working cases. This course takes the time to not only teach the skills and techniques, we explain why and tips and tricks that make your life easier when working cases. From protecting yourself online through to becoming a master at social engineering. There is no other course available that covers anything close to this course. Our students walk away for a strong understanding and ability to apply what they have learnt in the real world.

Post course we discuss the industry, how to get your name out there, getting business, report templates and rates. We are here to help you not only succeed in learning, we are here to help you succeed in business.

We strongly recommend calling and having a chat with the instructor to talk about the industry, opportunities in the industry and how you are looking to apply this training.

Are you an APOD member? We support veterans and have helped veterans gain employment in this industry.