Thinkedu has been assisting governments and the private sector for a number of years. Thinkedu was originally operating under the name Rodcha and Global Skip Trace for our international clients.

Thinkedu provides training in the Debt Collections, Investigations, Skip Tracing, and Fraud detection areas. With a long history in the industry and unbelievable success with our clients, Thinkedu has a proven track record!

Our Skip Tracing and OSCI course have created a lot of talk around the world and we have helped a lot of people establish themselves in the industry.

OSINTzone is our blog website we post free information and training documents to continue our contribution to the open-source community. We are strong believers that our industry is built on sharing and helping each other grow.

OSCI – OSINT, Skip Tracing & Cyber Investigations. This course teaches you the unique skills used in the industry that you can actively use to solve cases.